The Vision

The main goal of SDK4ED is to minimize the cost, the development time and the complexity of low-energy software development processes, by providing tools for automatic optimization of multiple quality requirements, such as technical debt, energy efficiency, dependability and performance.

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Interesting report➡️ https://t.co/sjRchsH7vW
SDK4ED #security tool #loading and will be a sollution for training the new generation.
Security issues, best security coding practices and more are coming.
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Professor Erol Gelenbe, partner of the #SDK4ED project, has been elected as Fellow of the International Federation for Information Processing Societies.
This honor is in recognition of his professional standing, expertise and contributions to IFIP.
Congrats from #Teamsdk4ed!

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*Project UPDATE!
"Dependability Optimization for embedded / heterogeneous systems" deriverable successfully completed by team #CERTH & team #IItis!
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New #paper available on line!
Team #Sdk4ed keep moving forward!
Check it here ➡️ https://t.co/qV31AwisEP
#ceisee2019 #software #security #energy https://t.co/xYYEkAQ0iI
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Miltiadis Siavvas @siavvasm
A preprint of our #paper entitled "On the Relationship between Software Security and Energy Consumption", which was presented at #ceisee2019 that was held in #lisbon is now available on #researchgate.


This work is part of the #eu-funded #sdk4ed project. https://t.co/xzyWDvP0VS

Pilot use cases


UAV application by ADS. Energy efficiency will increase autonomy capacity with minimum computational resources.


Smartglasses application by HOLISUN. Increase real-time performance and reduce energy consumption.


Implantable medical device application by NEU. Exploration of diverse security solutions considering TD management

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Project Manager
Dr. Dionisis Kehagias
Information Technologies Institute
Centre of Research & Technology – Hellas (CERTH), Greece