The Vision

The main goal of SDK4ED is to minimize the cost, the development time and the complexity of low-energy software development processes, by providing tools for automatic optimization of multiple quality requirements, such as technical debt, energy efficiency, dependability and performance.

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#sdk4edteam .. in progress!
Check the main screen of the new Technical Debt #forecasting panel.
The panel is linked to the back-end of the forecasting tool which means that it is able to invoke its web services, parse the outputs, and visualize the results! https://t.co/uMXUS2xFVJ
SDK4ED photo

We are excited!
Live analysis is now available by #SDK4ED regarding the New Code Technical Debt estimation, which is one of the novel features offered by the SDK4ED #Platform.
Take a sneak peek! ⬇️ https://t.co/bNsam5oxGk
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Lazaros Papadopoulos from #ICCS presented the latest developments of the #SDK4ED Project with respect to Energy Monitoring and Optimization.
#workshop #HIPEAC2020 https://t.co/Pp9Rcqevtd
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#SDK4ED workshop!
@siavvasm presents #now tools for monitoring and optimizing software security!
#HiPEAC2020 https://t.co/Is18oTjj9P
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Happening now!
#SDK4ED workshop.
➡️ Quality Optimisation for Software Systems
📍 Beige B
#HiPEAC2020 https://t.co/IPrfIO5jO9
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Pilot use cases


UAV application by ADS. Energy efficiency will increase autonomy capacity with minimum computational resources.


Smartglasses application by HOLISUN. Increase real-time performance and reduce energy consumption.


Implantable medical device application by NEU. Exploration of diverse security solutions considering TD management

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Project Manager
Dr. Dionisis Kehagias
Information Technologies Institute
Centre of Research & Technology – Hellas (CERTH), Greece